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Tree and Stump Removal

Welcome to Atlas Tree & Stump Service


'Why pay too much?' when Atlas Tree & Stump Service will give a better service with a realistic price. 'You, our clients are our priority'.

About Atlas Tree & Stump Removal

altWith over 25+ years experience we:
Keep your garden clean and tidy after the job
Can handle any job, no matter how big or small
Have $20 Million Liability Insurance


The Adelaide Tree Removal and Care Experts

Have your property looking the way you want with some expert help. The team at Atlas Tree and Stump Service have been helping Adelaide home and business owners control their outdoor areas for more than 25 years, and now we want to help you.

Based around Unley, we service the eastern, western and southern areas of Adelaide. Providing tree and stump removal throughout the city, we can dislodge even the most stubborn growth and leave you with a clean, blank space to replant in.

Make your gardening just that bit easier and invest in the best stump removal from Unley’s best. Stumps aren’t just ugly and bring down the look of your backyard, they’re a hassle to work around when gardening or mowing and can even encourage new tree growth around them.

Ensure you’re getting rid of them completely with a call to our team. Our Rayco stump grinders can reach even the most awkwardly placed growth and quickly and totally destroy it. Make your backyard more attractive and easier to maintain with one phone call to the stump removal experts.

When a tree is growing in a dangerous place or has begun to overhang structures, it’s important to have it quickly dealt with. The next storm could dislodge something and cause serious damage or injury. Protect your property and your family or employees and have the experts at Atlas Trees in. Our tree removal, pruning and lopping services mean a safer time for the people using your property. Protect the people who matter to you next time a big storm rolls through.

Palm trees gone in one easy step

Adelaide’s palm trees may look pretty, but if you have one growing in your backyard you may have seen the other side of them. Constantly shedding potentially dangerous branches they can be a danger to your family or employees and the rest of your garden.

Unley’s Atlas Trees promises quick, safe and effective tree removal or tree management anywhere on your property. Our experienced team will assess the situation and decide if there’s some way to limit or prune the trees to improve safety. If not, they’ll take it down with minimal disruption to your life or business and mulch it for you.

Carrying $20 million public liability insurance, we are a professional and experienced company who take the safety of our employees, our clients and the general public seriously. Trust us to do a safe, effective and efficient job first time, every time.

Difficult, dangerous and awkwardly placed trees are our specialty. Get a free quote or free advice today from our qualified Arborist by calling our Unley office on 0417 812 465, or get in touch through our handy online contact form

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